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Here are some links of interest:

7Notemode Music Site
I think the only person on earth who doesn't know how great a pianist 7Notemode is...is 7Notemode! As unpretentious as he may be personality-wise, his playing is full of confidence, sensitivity and just plain greatness. Voted "Best YouTube Jazz Pianist" by Pianologist.com, 7Notemode is trained in Jazz, Classical and Gospel making him a true triple threat and a "must listen to" pianist.

French Pianist "OscarTatum" Jazz Music Files Site
You may know him by his YouTube nom de plume Oscar Tatum, but I know that he is a fantastic Jazz Pianist living outside Paris, France. He has some great MIDI files and PDF transcriptions for sale on his site. Highly recommended! Please visit his site!

Pianistaitaliano MIDI and Notation Files Web Site
Alfonso Gugliucci - An Italian pianist living in Germany - Italy's loss is Germany's gain. As sensitive as a pianist there is, Pianistaitaliano has such flowing technique that his fingers effortlessly caress the keys. To hear him play a jazz standard, is to enter a peaceful zone where the relaxing sounds that come forth are as pleasing to the ears as can be. He has released his NEW CD available here: Alfonso CD

TJJazzpiano Web Site
T.J. has already made his mark on the YouTube crowd as a featured performer in which his "So What" tutorial video received over 70,000 hits. His fondness for the likes of Brad Mehldau and Hal Galper can be heard in his playing and at his young age, I expect to hear great things from him for quite some time. Check out his site for a bit of "Soundbyte Culture".

Digital Art Masterworks
Not a music site, but a site where the artist has a unique way of presenting his artwork. He first takes a photograph, that often times by itself is a true work of art. But he doesn't stop there, he next alters it digitally to resemble an oil painting. But wait, there's more! He then will use actual oil paint on top of the photograph so that now it has become a full oil painting! Totally unique and must be seen.

Books By Barry Friedman
This author has published 8 books - 6 fiction and 2 non-fiction. His fiction books are exciting, suspenseful, page-turners that keep you on the edge of your seat. His non-fiction works include a gripping account of a World War II destroyer sunk by Japanese carrier planes off Guadalcanal, and a touching, humorous book recounting his life's work as an Orthopaedic Surgeon. All available on Amazon.com.

The Jazz Musician's Guide To Creative Practicing
This is a great book written by a friend of mine on what jazz musicians need most - a way to approach practicing that actually makes the best use of your valuable time! Cutting-edge NY pianist and recording artist David Berkman shows you how to make practicing interesting and enjoyable by breaking problems into manageable tasks that you can easily master.

Peter Martin Music
I love the way Peter Martin plays the piano. Check out his site to purchase his new CD, really great stuff! He also produces some great instructional videos and his travelogue videos are some of the most enjoyable and entertaining ones on the net! I really hope to meet him someday.

Steve Kessler "3 Trios" CD on CDBaby - Steve Kessler is an awesome pianist living in Richmond, Virginia who has just released a new CD. I've heard a number of "unreleased" recordings of his and they blew me away, so it is nice to finally get a chance to hear him on CD. A musician's musician, Kessler is a stunningly imaginative and engaging player. He thinks quickly, plays fluidly, and doesn’t sound like anyone else. Check out his new CD, you'll be glad you did!

Speak Jazz Records - This is a new record label that yours truly (Lot2Learn) started and featues some great jazz artist's (including me). ;-)

Roger Friedman (Lot2learn) endorses Pianoteq 3 True Modelling Fourth Generation Piano Instrument as featured on his song "Some Bluesy Thing".
Click the image below to download a FREE demo of Pianoteq 3.


Roger Friedman (Lot2learn) endorses the Vienna Imperial Grand Piano from the Vienna Symphonic Library as featured on his performance of "Everything I Love ". Visit the Vienna Symphonic Web site for more information here: VIENNA IMPERIAL GRAND PIANO. Also be sure to check out the info page about my Lot2Learn site that Vienna Symphonic Library has put on their page. You can find it HERE.Vienna Imperial Grand Piano



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