Video and Instructional DVD's

The Lot2learn Method

Lot2Learn Instructional DVD
Now available - The long awaited release of this full length instructional video is finally here! Take your playing to the next level with this in-depth lesson, part of an amazing series of instructional DVD's showing the techniques and improvisational methods from one of YouTube's top jazz pianist's. Volume 1 - Advanced Pentatonics is now shipping!

YouTube Videos DVD's

I have created a collection of DVD's that contain most of the videos found on my Lot2Learn Youtube channel. PLESE NOTE: These contain video files ONLY. To purchase MIDI or PDF files please see the individual song files or the MIDI and PDF collection files on the files download pages. There are 2 DVD's that are created for a computer running Microsoft Windows and one DVD that is for any computer with a DVD player (that means it runs on a MAC). The nice part about having the Windows DVD, is that by playing the videos in Windows Media Player, you can slow the videos using the CTRL/SHIFT/S key combination. This will make it easier for you to see and hear in slow motion what I am playing. It also has a cool menu interface for the videos. To see the menu interface and contents listing for the Windows DVD's Volume 1 and 2 Click the image below.

DVD Volume One and Two of most of my YouTube Videos!
Click To Purchase The Video DVD's For Windows Computers

Here is a DVD that is for any computer with a DVD player (that means it runs on a MAC just fine). You can see the contents of the DVD listed on the DVD cover below. Click on the image below to order this DVD.